Barn Builders


AboutThe Client

Barn Builders has been constructing barns using the time-honored post-and-beam method for 30 years. For founder and CEO Bruce Willemsen, preserving the heritage of the American barn with each new project is a passion with its roots in his early childhood. When he was three years old, Bruce vividly recalls sitting in the kitchen sink in his family’s farmhouse, watching their large gambrel barn burn to the ground.

Bruce started his career in residential construction, but eventually his deep appreciation for his agricultural heritage and the family farm drove him to turn the focus of his construction business to building and restoring barns.


About this project

Bruce came to us with one request—make it better. That was the only criteria for redesigning and developing his website: make him stand above his competition. We began the process by developing a logo for him and redeveloping his catalog. We were able to convince him the photography on his site would be the thing that would sell.

Key Features:

  • Logo Development
  • Visual Representation of Barns
  • Filterable Photo Gallery
  • Form to download Catalog
  • Multi-level Navigation