Carley Coffee


AboutThe Client

Carley Coffee is an independent coffee shop based in the Lyn-Lake District of Uptown Minneapolis. They believe in roasting the best tasting, ethically sourced coffee and rotate their selection frequently. They offer a variety of cold and hot beverages as well as carrying as selection of food and provide catering for events or meetings.


About this project

Since Carley Coffee has only been existence since early 2016, they needed to create a strong web presence to break into a crowded coffee shop scene. Creating an environment people want to spend time in and enticing people to stop by to sample their coffee and baked goods was achieved through the photography that is featured prominently across the site. The navigation is simple and easy to follow.

Custom design and professional photography by Tammy Brice.

Key Features:

  • Professional Photography
  • Menus for Drinks and Food
  • Full width photos
  • Custom font choices
  • Google Map