Christian Counseling Center


AboutThe Client

Doctor Darlene Turner has been counseling children, teens, adults, couples and families since 1993. As a Christian counselor, she believes faith guides her through the counseling process with each person, but she does work with people from all backgrounds, including religious and non-religious belief systems.

Dr. Turner has also spoken at Christian marriage conferences, women’s conferences and to general audiences, on the topics of Marriage Relationships, Family Relationships, and Encouragement for Women.


About this project

The driving factor behind the redevelopment of the Christian Counseling Center was to make it work better on mobile devices. On-site SEO is very important for this website. Creating a site which would be easy for the client to update was also important.

Key Features:

  • Custom Page Layouts
  • Accordion FAQ page
  • Custom Page Sidebars
  • Responsive Design