Josh’s Place


AboutThe Client

Josh’s Place was founded by Melanie Fountaine and Melissa Danielsen, sisters whose brother Josh had developmental disabilities. Melanie and Melissa grew up knowing their brother was special and unique in ways no other brother could replicate. They loved spending time with Josh on their family farm and looked up to him as they learned to navigate life. Josh passed away in 2009 and has left a legacy for his sisters to fulfill. Melanie and Melissa felt something was missing after Josh passed away. They wanted to remain connected to the disabilities community.

After becoming parents themselves the sisters started to understand how difficult it must have been for their parents to find the right services which fit Josh’s individual needs. After a three year journey, Melanie and Melissa brought Josh’s Place to fruition. They view their services through a sibling, parent and provider lens. It is important for them to understand the dynamics of each and every person and family, so their services have the greatest positive impact for each individual.


About this project

One of the challenges to working on Josh’s Place was to create graphically layered images at the top of the pages, which would be easy to change in the future while still providing relevant SEO to the page. Complex online employment application forms were also required for this project. Being able to easily navigate the site on mobile devices was also required.

Custom design and professional photography by Tammy Brice.

Key Features:

  • Professional Photography
  • Complex Header Images
  • Complex Employment Application Forms
  • HTTPS security
  • Testimonial Sliders
  • Easy to Update News and Job Openings