Strategic Marketing Stats

Monthly Statistics

Measure the performance of your content each month to track where your traffic and sales are coming from. We’ve included sales, email marketing, Messenger, and paid promotions as well content referral sources.

  • Sales (goals, prior month, this month, difference)
  • Email marketing
  • Messenger Campaigns
  • Paid Promotions
  • Website traffic
  • Blog, Podcast, Video and other content referral sources
Monthly Stats
Quarterly Stats

Quarterly Statistics

The quarterly statistics allows you to measure your sales and content goals for the quarter, against the previous quarter, to analyze growth opportunities and acknowledge wins.

  • Sales for the quarter
  • Email Subscriber statistics
  • Messenger Campaign performance
  • Paid promotion results
  • Website traffic and referral sources for the quarter

Monthly Review

It’s important to highlight your accomplishments. We’ve included thought starter questions as well as plenty of space to reflect, doodle, and map out more content for the upcoming month.

Monthly Review

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