Mission Uganda



AboutThe Client

Mission Uganda was started when Nuper Nunnikhoven traveled to Uganda and was touched by the plight of the students attending village schools. Ugandan students need to pass a test to continue their education, but have no experience with the math tools (ruler, compass, protractor, etc.) to successfully pass. And they may not eat during the day, if their parents can’t afford to buy porridge. Still other children are not even allowed to attend school because their parents can’t afford to purchase a school uniform.


About this project

This was a project with a quick turnaround time and little to build from other than Nuper’s passion. The goal for the website was to build something which made it easy for people to find the organization and made them comfortable to donate to the cause. SEO is paramount, especially for an organization in its infancy. 

Key Features:

  • Logo Design with Branding Package
  • Content Creation
  • Animated Widgets
  • Complex Donation Form
  • Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Optimization