Unite Midwest


AboutThe Client

Unite is a non-profit organization that bridges the gap between denominations and brings people together to worship Christ as one church.

They organize outdoor worship events with nationally known Christian artists, local artists, and regional prayer teams, for the purpose of bringing believers together and sharing a powerful movement of the Spirit.

Unite partners with area service organizations to help restore communities and build a common mission among believers in the area.

Proceeds have helped send college students to Passion events and are continually reinvesting in building more community events where people can experience God’s love and the redemptive grace Jesus offers.


About this project

Unite came to us needing a total redesign of their website. They had some awesome images taken during the previous year’s event so we had some great stuff to work with.

They needed a site that would not only sell tickets for upcoming events, but also allow for service surge signups, and 24/7 prayer.

Key Features

  • Image driven layout
  • Square store integration
  • 24/7 Prayer signup capability
  • Event Countdown