Butcher's Brewhuis

Launch Website

The Client

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, happy hour, or an evening of fine dining here at Butcher’s Brewhuis. Our historic building sits in downtown Pella and tells a story all its own. The walls come alive with artifacts from its past and rustic brick walls blend with modern amenities and all the exquisite tastes of the city.

About this project

Butcher’s Brewhuis is the offshoot of In’t Veld’s Meat Market, and while it is a completely separate entity, it needed to look like it belonged with the In’t Veld’s branding. Having a listing of the dishes available at any one time is important, as is the gallery highlighting the historic and quirky nature of the building itself.

Key Features:

  • NAnimated modules
  • NDivi framework
  • NResposive web design
  • NCustom food menus
  • NMasonry photo gallery