Restorative Health + Wellness

Launch Website

The Client

Restorative Health + Wellness is Dr. Valerie Bonnett’s response to being introduced to Functional Medicine. The driving force of Restorative Health is to allow the body to function at it’s highest level of wellness, resulting in astounding improvements in patients’ emotional and physical well being.

About this project

Starting with a clean slate meant we had to build the entire brand for Restorative Health, including the overarching feeling and the underlying message for the brand. Finding the right images to speak to the result which would hopefully be accomplished through Functional Medicine was very important to communicate the uplifting and hopeful feeling of the brand.

Key Features:

  • NContent Creation
  • NAnimated Widgets
  • NOnline scheduling integration
  • NOnline class integration
  • NResponsive design
  • NSearch engine optimization