Striegel Acres

Launch Website

The Client

Striegel Acres expanded to raise ostriches in 1992, as a response to the farm crisis. The health benefits of ostrich meat was one of the contributing factors in deciding to raise the birds. Along with ostrich as a meat product, Marion and Marj also engrave the infertile ostrich eggs, which make quite the statement. Hives were added to the farm in 2015, and they offer honey and wax products locally in Mahaska County.

About this project

Striegel Acres had an existing website, but it was in desperate need of an update. Making sure the website was mobile friendly and accurately reflected everything Striegel Acres encompasses was also important. The ability for customers to start an order online was an important part of the redesign. Accurate SEO was also important, for people to find them online.

Key Features:

  • NAnimated modules
  • NDivi framework
  • NResposive web design
  • NCustom order form