Valle Drive-In

Launch Website

The Client

Founded in 1949, The Valle Drive-In is the oldest remaining drive-in theater in Iowa, and is one of only four drive-in theaters left in the state. Located forty minutes east of Des Moines in Newton, Iowa, the Valle Drive-In offers great entertainment and a one-of-a-kind experience at a low, reasonable price.

About this project

Valle Drive-In needed a complete overhaul of their website—it needed to be responsive with a more appealing way to showcase the movies.

They wanted an easy way to add upcoming movies, an interactive FAQ page and an e-commerce plugin to be able to sell products online.

Custom design and professional photography by Tammy Brice.

Key Features:

  • NProfessional photography
  • NCustom post type for movies
  • NCustom layout per page
  • NShopping cart
  • NAccordion on FAQ page
  • NLocation map