People visit sites they trust. People buy from sites they trust.
Search engines promote sites they trust. Is your website trustworthy? 
Take advantage of Pella Hosting’s Fall Promotion and upgrade to Secure Hosting. Not only will we update your site code to HTTPS, but we will also update your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make it more visible this holiday season.

Do you really need an upgrade?

If your website has any of these features, then yes, you need an upgrade.

  • Your site has a contact form
  • Visitors can sign up to receive a newsletter
  • Your site has a search field for visitors to find content
  • Customers can purchase items on your site
  • Visitors can create a user account

Due to the recent changes in how Google searches are performed and how browsers treat website form fields, almost every site needs to be secure. In a nutshell, if you have a website and you want to generate leads, make sales, or just tell people about your business, secure hosting is.

What is Secure Hosting?

Basically, what we do is add a layer of security to your hosting account by installing a Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificate which validates the domain so the user is assured they have reached the site they intended. A green lock symbol is displayed next to the URL in the browser.

Let’s dig into the technical reasons it’s crucial to have secure hosting if your website has these features.

  • Confidentiality
    Adding an SSL/TLS certificate to your hosting account protects the communication between two parties from others within a public medium such as the Internet. For example, without HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure), someone running a Wi-Fi access point could see private information such as credit cards when someone using the access point purchases something online.
  • Integrity
    To ensure information reaches its intended party in full and unaltered, you need secure hosting. For example, our Wi-Fi Friend above could add extra advertisements to your website, reduce the quality of your images to save bandwidth, or change the content of your articles. HTTPS ensures the website can’t be modified.
  • Authentication
    SSL/TLS verifies for visitors that the website is actually what it claims to be. For example, Wi-Fi Friend’s access point could send visitors to a fake website. HTTPS ensures that a website that says it’s is actually Some certificates even check the legal identity behind the website, so you can be assured your is Your Bank, Inc.

Because we feel so strongly that Secure Hosting is the way to go, we are offering a SPECIAL FALL PROMOTION. This discount is only for our existing customers.

Add an SSL/TLS certificate to your current hosting plan for only $80/year and a one-time website conversion fee of $225. We will throw in the search engine optimization for FREE! ($250 value)

The Fall Promotions include installing your SSL/TLS certificate, changing all the necessary code on the site, re-optimizing your site, submitting a new sitemap to Google, and updating Google Analytics.

Still not sure this is for you? 

Think about this, websites that are not secure will fall behind the competition. Search engines, users, and even browsers are already favoring secure websites. It all comes down to security and trust. Customers won’t buy from you if they don’t trust you, and your website must be secure for your users to trust you.

Email or call us today to take advantage of the Special Fall Promotion. This would be a great time to make some updates to your site before the holiday season begins. If you need to schedule a consult, please let us know!

Give us a call at 641-613-3406 or email the team at

*Request for conversion must be made between 09/21/2017 – 12/20/2017 to quality.  Additional fees may be incurred for sites over 150 pages/posts. To qualify for the promotion, your WordPress website must be hosted on Pella Hosting servers.